Tech jobs 2019

Which tech jobs are going to dominate 2019?

We take a look at the tech jobs and career paths that will be in high demand in the new year, especially when it comes the north.

We’re approaching the end of the year, and sensible job-hunters will be looking to 2019 to anticipate the skills and expertise that will be needed in the coming 12 months. This is especially important when it comes to tech, an industry that changes rapidly and needs to be constantly looking forwards.

So, what areas should you be focusing on if you want to progress your career in tech in 2019, especially in the north? Here are the jobs we are expecting to grow in demand, requiring skilled professionals over the next year.

Data scientist

Big data is a trend that isn’t going away, and in fact seems to be growing. A wide range of different organisations need talented professionals to manage, process and analyse their data. This can be anything from assisting with academic projects to determining the best way of marketing a product to a company’s consumer base.

If you’re interested in this as a career, you should make sure you have some programming skills under your belt, as knowledge of one or more languages will be essential. Python and Java are likely to be the most useful options, but knowledge of R and SAS might also be helpful. Bear in mind that describing your findings to less tech-savvy people might be part of the job, so brush up on your communication skills as well.

Mobile developer

Apps are just becoming more and more widespread as smartphone use becomes more ubiquitous, so talented developers are needed to manage these. This involves creating new offerings, as well as maintaining and upgrading pre-existing apps with a large user base. Think of the constant updates that are applied to social media apps, for example.

Creativity and problem-solving are essential skills for a career in this field, as well as programming. The most common languages you’ll need under your belt are Java for Android app development, and Objective-C if you’re creating programs for iOS. However, some companies may use something completely different so make sure you do your research. 

Cybersecurity specialist

Data breaches are worryingly common across every industry in the UK, and most industries have woken up to the need to make sure their security is airtight. IT professionals are therefore likely to be needed more in 2019 to prevent cybercrime, loss of data and other issues that can occur if skilled cybersecurity specialists are not employed. 

A large part of this career will be staying on top of the latest industry news, so you are aware of malware and vulnerabilities as soon as possible. You should also be experienced at spotting holes in security, both on a technical and a personal level, with a good knowledge of industry standards and compliance laws. Tech jobs in cybersecurity are set to rise massively in 2019 and perhaps even into 2020. 

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