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What can you expect from an agency interview?

Any interview is challenging if you’re not prepared, but those with agencies carry their own particular set of obstacles. These will need to be overcome if you want to make it to the next stage of the recruitment process and even land the job.

Agencies are incredibly common in all major cities so if you’re applying for a tech job or in another major digital field, you’re likely to have interviews with at least one agency who provides services to other businesses. Working for an agency usually means you will get to work on lots of different projects and sometimes with some big creative brands. For this reason, agencies are always on the look out for the best talent need to be creative in how they pick the best talent.

To stand the best chance of making a good impression during the recruitment process, you need to be prepared. Of course, each interview will be slightly different and will depend on the size of the employer and the role itself. However, if you have some idea of what to expect you’ll be able to calm at least some of your nerves.


A lot of agencies will run ‘interview days’ where multiple candidates are invited to come along for the same job. In this instance, you’re likely to have a presentation about the company and what it does. It’s important that you remember that this is still part of the interview process. The main point is to tell you about the business, but it’s also to watch how you react and how engaged you are.

Like any other part of the interview, don’t be on your phone, chatting to others or looking bored during the presentation. Instead, keep eye contact with the person giving the presentation, make notes and, if appropriate, ask questions. This shows that you are listening and engaged enough with the company to care about what they’re saying.

Practical task

Whether you’re applying for a role in the digital or tech industries or something more creative, you’re likely to be asked to complete some sort of practical task. This may be a very simple coding exercise or another activity that demonstrates the skills needed for the role.

With agency interviews, it’s probably going to be a fairly straightforward task, but you may also find it quite challenging. If it’s the latter, don’t panic. Some companies like to set an almost impossible exercise because they want to measure your skill level but also see how you react when you’re incapable of completing a task. If this happens during your interview, the best thing to do is stay calm and think logically about the best way to solve whatever problem you are faced with.

Sit-down chat

Like any interview, you can expect a sit-down chat with one or more people. This will be the point where they go over your CV and you can present your portfolio if necessary. It’s important to leave your ego at the door, ask questions about the role and try and avoid any discussions about the wage. Agencies will probably have a figure in mind to offer you, especially if you are applying for an entry-level role. If the only questions you ask are about the salary, it makes it look that you are clearly only there for the money. If you get offered the role, then is the time to negotiate your salary, dependant on your experience.

Dress for success

These details should help you prepare for your agency interview and help you position yourself as a strong candidate. To ensure you make a good first impression, you’ll need to do the basics of interview protocol. So arrive on time, pay attention to personal hygiene, dress smartly, and make sure your phone is turned off.

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