Leeds Digital Job Fair

Top 4 things to do before Leeds Digital Job Fair

Leeds Digital Job Fair is an excellent opportunity to find the right career for you, whether you’re looking for an internship or a new management role. However, to get the most out of it, you will need to prepare.

Luckily, there’s not a huge amount you need to do. These four simple steps will help get you on the way to having a great experience at Leeds Digital Job Fair, ensuring you make a good impression and have the best chance of leaving with the job opportunities you’ve been looking for.
Research the jobs you would like to do
If this is your first time at Leeds Digital Job Fair, you might find yourself overwhelmed by choice. There are so many different exhibitors from a range of industries that you might find it hard to work out which stalls to visit. You don’t want to waste time inquiring after jobs that you don’t want to take on, after all.

In order to make the most of your visit, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research surrounding the area or areas you’d like to work in. As well as working out what exactly you’d like to do, you’ll also gain a bit of industry knowledge that you can use to start up conversations and make good impressions on potential future employers.

Find out more about the companies exhibiting
While you’re doing research on your career options, have a look at the companies exhibiting at Leeds Digital Job Fair that could offer you the jobs you’re interested in. You should endeavour to find out about the history and culture of any business you want to talk to, along with things like the major projects they’re working on.

Not only will this again give you topics of conversation to impress potential employers, it will also help narrow your focus a bit. You might find that you’re really interested in a particular role, but one of the companies offering it has a better workplace culture than others. This means you can prioritise certain exhibitors.

Review your CV
This is a good idea before any employment opportunity, but it’s an absolute necessity before Leeds Digital Job Fair. You should make sure every bit of experience and every new skill you’ve learned is on there, as well as double and triple-checking the spelling and grammar.

However, it’s worth considering creating multiple CVs if you know which companies you’re going to target. That way you can tailor your resumé to fit with what each one is looking for, prioritising certain skills or experience you have under your belt in order to impress them the most. This will help give you a better chance of standing out. Alternatively, if you need a bit of help with your CV, Fruition IT are giving attendees a hand with their CVs and offering advice. You can find them at Leeds Digital Job Fair at the Herd stand.
Get on social media
Finally, you need to make sure you’re staying up-to-date with everything related to the job fair. This means getting on social media and following as many relevant accounts as you can. This should include any of the exhibitors you would like to visit, and even a few that haven’t confirmed but that you hope to see there, just in case.

You can also follow Herd, the company behind the job fair, as it will be providing updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Finally, there’s the hashtag #LDSJobFair that you can follow, as well as using it to tweet about the event; you never know who might notice you!

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