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What tech jobs are in high demand?

If you’re looking to get into tech, you should work out which tech jobs companies are having the hardest time filling. Here are some of the top sectors to get into.

The tech sector is booming across the board, but if you are looking to start a career in this industry you might find that you are competing with a large number of other professionals. However, this does not have to be the case. Some areas of the tech sector are crying oWhat tech jobs are in high demand?ut for talented people due to roles being hard to fill. Here are some of the most in-demand jobs around at the moment:

Data scientist

This role can come under many names, but essentially it is the same job: analysing the raw data produced by computers. Big data is huge right now, but collecting vast amounts of information is useless without somebody who can clean it up and use it to draw conclusions. Any statistical experience is vital in this field, along with a reasonable degree of computer science.

SQL developer

TechWorld recently looked at the most sought-after programming languages and found that in since May, there have been over 19,000 mentions of SQL in job adverts across the UK. The next-highest language – JavaScript – had almost 3,000 fewer mentions. This is again linked to big data, as SQL is primarily used for manipulating entries in databases.


Anything in the FinTech sector is highly sought-after at the moment as firms are worried they will not be able to attract top talent after Brexit into tech jobs. As such, if you have experience with any kind of financial technology you might find your skills are well-suited to this industry. found that the hardest jobs to fill in this sector were mechanical and engineering project managers, digital project managers and architectural technicians, but software engineers and developers are also in-demand at the moment.


A recent study from McAfee found that 82 percent of IT professionals think there is a shortage of cybersecurity skills at their organisation, and 71 percent said this shortage does direct and measurable damage. While technology can fulfill this skills gap, it will still need to be implemented by people with a solid knowledge of what this sector involves.

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