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Transferable Skills That Will Get You Into Tech

Working in tech doesn’t have to mean starting at a young age, there’s a variety of ways to land a job in the industry and plenty of degrees/backgrounds that can be relevant.

Tech is a varied and dynamic industry, which works to celebrate its diversity. Often people assume it’s full of coders and data analysts and not much else, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Of course, these traditional tech roles are a key element of the sector, but there is also a wide variety of professionals from different backgrounds that move into the industry. This diversity of skills means that you don’t need to have a degree in tech to find your perfect role.

So what kind of degrees can be useful when switching to a career in tech?


A key element of any geography degree is analysing the finer details and drawing conclusions from these smaller parts. These are skills that are completely transferable to tech. Whether you are after a role as a data analyst, website tester, or something else, you’ll find that are a number of tech jobs that need this eye for detail and analysis that you have learnt.

Business studies

A degree in business studies allows you to understand the importance of seeing the bigger picture. This skill can be an essential part of roles in tech, such as project management and other leadership-based positions. Many professionals can get caught up in the part of the project that they are involved in, so it’s important that someone is able to balance the different individual goals to deliver a project.


Learning from historical texts gives you an aptitude for extracting information, finding the most important parts and sharing it with others. Digital marketing has become an essential part of the tech industry and being able to identify what an audience will want to know and what will engage them is a crucial part of this.

This might be a slightly more obvious one, but statistics and mathematics are an increasingly important part of the tech industry, especially in app development. Companies like Sky Bet spend a lot of time and money investing in professionals that can understand data and what it means for their business goals. There are also lots of businesses in engineering that are crying out for people with a solid mathematical understanding


Studying journalism gives you a good understanding of how different channels can be used to convey information. Whether you have specialised in newspapers, broadcast journalism, or another area, these skills can be used in a variety of tech-based roles, including digital marketing jobs and project management positions.

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