Leeds ranked top 10 cities to work

Leeds ranked in top 10 best cities to work in the UK

Leeds has been ranked as one of the best cities in the UK to work in so why is it so good and what can be done to build on this progress?

Leeds is one of the best cities to work in the UK, according to a recent Glassdoor poll. But what makes this Northern Hub such a powerhouse and how can you make the most of the opportunities?

With two prestigious universities, a business school, arts-specialist university and a variety of outstanding colleges, Leeds has a great pool of talent to choose from. The growing tech and digital industry in the area is meaning that many graduates are seeing the cosmopolitan life they could have in Leeds.

Graduate jobs are one of the most difficult to secure, with competition being formidable. However, there are a high number of employers in the area, such as Sky Betting & Gaming, that are reaching out to young people to help kick-start their career in the industry, and keep their talent in the city.

The fantastic job opportunities aren’t just aimed at people just leaving education either. From start-ups to growing enterprises and massive multinationals, Leeds boasts a wide variety of employers that are looking to expand their team.

Aside from the bursting jobs market, the city has also garnered itself a reputation as a culture hub. Award-winning restaurants, designer shopping districts, and a bursting theatre and arts scene, all make Leeds an incredibly popular place for professionals of all ages. It also has some of the most affordable property on the Glassdoor list, making it much easier for people at all stages of their career to live in the region.

Northern rival Manchester beat Leeds, ranking in second place just behind headliner Slough. So what progress can Leeds make to ensure it offers fierce competition to other major cities in the region?

Like many cities, there’s plenty of room left to improve, especially in the tech and digital sphere. Traditionally businesses and specialists within this area have kept themselves to themselves, playing down the amount of talent that Leeds really has.  Our very own recruitment fair; Leeds Digital Job Fair, with thousands of attendees, makes it very clear that the city is prime for rapid growth in tech.

More and more networking events like Glug, Hey and Leeds International Festival are helping bring these professionals together, which is building the presence of the city on a national and international level.

Basically, watch out Slough, we are coming to take your top spot!

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