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Leeds makes cut for Channel 4 HQ

This week it was announced that Channel 4 had whittled the list of cities where they would set up their new second headquarters outside of London.

Earlier this week, Channel 4 announced that they had decided that their new HQ will be in either, Birmingham, Leeds or Manchester. The move would bring at least 300 new jobs to the region along with countless other opportunities.

More than 30 cities made a bid to Channel 4 with the list quickly being cut down to thirteen.  Seven from the list are for the new headquarters while the other six were bidding to be one of two new creative hubs for Channel 4. Bristol, Cardiff, and Glasgow are all being considered for these smaller creative hub spaces. Channel 4 is expected to announce their new location on the 1st of October with a full move happening in 2019.

Birmingham is thought to be current favorite to win the bid, however, Leeds is still very much in with a chance. Leeds produces a huge amount of creative talent from our three universities and our theatres, festivals and music scenes back up our city’s long love affair with the creative sector. Our fair city has also shown success in housing some of the biggest media companies in the world such as Sky and Sky Betting & Gaming. Leeds has become well known for tech innovation and a rapidly growing city. The city is fast becoming a business favorite for relocation due to the low cost of living and good transport connections to the rest of the UK.

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Leeds is also having somewhat of a construction boom as of late with new building works along Wellington Street and the South Bank. There would be no shortage of locations for Channel 4 to base selves and grow their operations. Leeds has always been known as a ‘cool’ and diverse city to live, which ties in perfectly with Channel 4’s own branding.

Cities that didn’t make the cut, included Liverpool, Newcastle, and Sheffield have now been informed that they have missed out. Mayor of Liverpool tweeted his disappointment citing transport links being the main reason why the city lost the bid.

The channel’s chief commercial officer Jonathan Allan says, “We have again had to take some very difficult decisions on which cities to take forward to the next stage, but we believe the six cities we have selected are best able to deliver against our vision and requirements for the new national HQ and creative hubs.”