We’re looking for senior branding experience (at least 10-15 years in the industry) with a background in one or more of the recognised branding design companies. Obviously, sector-wide experience will sit well with us, but we recognise that most other branding companies have specific specialisms. So, as long as you can show real passion and depth of understanding, we’ll know if you’re capable and ready to branch out.

This is also both a client-facing and team leadership role. Our team work alongside clients and present face-to-face most of the time. It works for us and means that we develop the kind of trust that allows both us and the clients to reach for more challenging and creative answers to their problems. So, an easy, but well-informed
manner with clients is what we are always looking for in senior positions in the company.

The current structure has a part-time Executive Creative Director in place, to whom the new Creative Director will

report and will help with strategic direction. However, the Creative Director will be responsible for running creative projects and developing and structuring the design team as they see fit. The Executive Creative Director role is currently being held open for the Creative Director to grow into, so there is no barrier to career progression.

We’re look for a great portfolio and a body of work that consistently demonstrates intelligent understanding of the functions and concerns of the businesses you’ve been involved in branding. Creative work will need more than a design rationale, it’ll need a
demonstration of how strategic design has helped your clients move their businesses forward.

So, it sounds tough, but there are real rewards. Your salary will be a reflection of your experience, whatever that might be, and you will be central to the development and the decision-making in the business.

Main activities and responsibilities:

You will lead, manage and develop the creative team, with our Executive Creative Director.
You will help implement the vision of the agency, and drive the quality of the work produced by Thompson.

You will originate and produce intelligent, ideas-led design work.
You will work alongside the client services team to grow and develop accounts using creative ideas with expansive potential.
You will work with the client services team to add strategic creative thinking to pitches.
You will collaborate with client services on establishing creative time plans and budgeting.

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About Thompson Brand Partners

If there’s anything we’ve learned in our 25 years in branding, it’s that building businesses and brands is a very personal thing. People invest a great deal of themselves in them, so they’ve got every reason to love and protect them. So when it comes to branding, we know that, to do it well, we need to love our clients’ businesses the way they do.

So that’s what we’ve built our company on. It means that we’re on the same journey as our clients and that we’re an essential part of their great adventure. It’s the kind of responsibility that drives us to be the very best. And it means that we’re as excited as our clients when we reveal the true, powerful joy of what their businesses and brands have to offer.

That’s why we take what we do so seriously.