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How to wow employers after a job fair

What you do at a job fair is important but do you know what steps to take to wow employers after it’s all finished?

Often a lot of attention is put on what you do and how you act at the job fair itself. And rightly so, it’s crucial that you use this time wisely and make the right impression with the employers you meet. However, the steps you take after the event has finished are also important.

You need to be able to reach out to the people you met to make sure you get meaningful connections out of the job fair. But how do you do it in a way that will allow you to stand out from all the other candidates they met?

Leave an appropriate amount of time

Getting the time right for when you reach out to your contact is crucial. You may want to follow up on a lead as soon as you get home, but it’s likely that the individual will be knackered from a day at the job fair. Instead wait until the next working day to get in touch, even if this means leaving it over the weekend.

This allows your contacts to relax and unwind from the madness of the job fair and give you the best response when you do get in touch.

Attach your CV

Even if you gave them your CV during the job fair, it’s a good idea to attach it again if you can. This saves them from having to ask you for it – and probably forgetting all about you – and shows that you are on the ball. You don’t need to be fancy with your CV, just make sure all the information on it is clear, concise and valuable.

Find the best channel

If you got a business card, it’s likely that there are social media handles, phone numbers and email details on it. So which do you use? Do a little bit of research and see whether they are active on their social media channels and, if so, what do they predominantly use it for? If their Twitter account is mainly very high-brow industry-relevant conversations or retweets, you might want to send them an email instead.

The last thing you want is for your correspondence to get ignored because they only sign on to social for a few moments or to connect with their peers, so viewing their habits can be helpful. LinkedIn can often be a good compromise. It’s set up for online networking so people expect candidates to contact them on the platform, without it seeming obtrusive or irrelevant.

Use key details

You should have made notes after your conversation to prompt you of any key details they may have mentioned. This can be work related or something as small as the fact they were going on holiday or commuting to London the next day. These little snippets can help you make the right connection after a job fair and stand out from all the other candidates they saw.

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