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How to network at Leeds Digital Job Fair

The art of networking is an important skill to learn, whether you are looking for a job or not. You never know how the people you meet and their connections may help you in the future. But when you are trying to secure a new role, networking can be the difference between getting your dream job and being left behind in the crowd.

Job Fairs are a brilliant place to put your networking skills to the test, but they can also be ruthless. With a high number of people going there looking for jobs, you’ll have tough competition if you want to network with the movers and shakers at the event.

So how can you impress and network like a pro at Leeds Digital Job Fair?

Work the room

Networking and working the room go hand-in-hand, but what does it exactly mean? At big events like a Job Fair, there will be plenty of people to talk to and trying to talk to them all will leave you exhausted and downhearted. The first stage of working the room is identifying the key people you want to talk to. This may be employers that you’ve heard of or just those who look friendly and will make it easy to have a chat with, which is a great opportunity to work on your pitch and get any nerves out the way. Take a few minutes to go through your exhibitor guide when you sign in for the event. Create a plan of action or use the floor map to work out your plan around the room.

For ultimate success with working the room, you’ll want to have a short synopsis of who you are and what you’re looking for ready. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or fancy, but one or two sentences that you are confident describes you and the type of professional you want to be.

Have questions ready

Often the hardest bit of networking is starting off a conversation. To get round this, have some questions prepared to ask people you may speak to at Leeds Digital Job Fair. It’s a good idea to have some industry-related tech ones, as well as some non-personal but lighthearted questions; where do they see the industry heading? How has the business grown?  This will make sure you’re not stuttering or looking like a rabbit in the headlights if someone comes over to you. Even better, it helps make sure that you don’t just stand in a corner all day.

Be friendly

It may sound like a cop out, but being friendly is one of the best things you can do at any business event, especially Job Fairs. If people feel like you are only speaking to them because you have an agenda, you’re likely to annoy them. Yes, you are there to find a job and businesses are there to find the right people, but  don’t rude because an exhibitor isn’t hiring for your chosen career. Instead, try and use it as an opportunity to meet new people and make more connections in Leeds. Even if they don’t have a job for you now, they very well might do in the future. You never know where these short meetings can lead to.

Be social

So much of the conversation at Job Fairs is online, so make sure you’re not missing out. Be prepared with your Twitter username and make sure you pay attention to the Leeds Job Fair account before you go and during the event. This will help make sure you are prepared and know exactly what is happening.  Ask exhibitors if you can connect with them via Twitter or LinkedIn for a follow up chat. It’s the easiest way to follow up with businesses post – event.

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