Get Your Dream Career at Leeds Digital Job Fair

Are you looking forward to Leeds’ very first Digital Job Fair? We certainly are! Navigating a job fair can be tricky. Where do you start? How do you approach stands without being pushy? Do you dress for a job interview or come as you are? Although we are expecting a lot of people on the 10th February, we know there is a danger of a lot of attendees may end up wandering around lost. We have created a list of dos and don’ts for Leeds Digital Job Fair.

Do dress to impress
In the grand setting of First Direct Arena, it might be hard to interpret the dress code. Do you go corporate or more relaxed? Often experts would advise that you dress to reflect the business you want to work for. If you are looking to work your way up a corporate ladder, a suit might be order or if you are going for SMEs, a more relaxed vibe is in order. We suggest that you find a happy medium; with so many businesses on offer on the day, you do not want to exclude yourself from the different work cultures.

Don’t be pushy with exhibitors
Everyone is going to want to know what jobs are on offer but walking away from an exhibitor mid-sentence just because they don’t have jobs in your skill set is rude. Treat the while event like business networking and observe the etiquette. Ask businesses what they do and what kinds of people they are looking to hire. Come to the event with lots of stock questions you can ask to avoid lull in conversations. Ask them about their own career progression and what the company’s plans are for the future. If you do find they don’t have the role you are looking for, politely ask if there might be one in the future. Its good to make these contacts now so you can hear about future opportunities.

Do Attend Seminars
Leeds Digital Job Fair will be running seminars all day from across a spectrum of digital specialties. Google will be talking about how to use digital for more effective job search and how businesses can make use of this. These seminars will be an excellent opportunity for you to learn new skills and make connections with others. Make sure you come with pen and paper to make lots of notes!
Don’t leave your CV at home
It is a job fair after all! Make sure to bring a neat looking folder with copies of CV. If you can, keep a copy on your smartphone or on USB, that way you can easily share a copy with an exhibitor. If you are a freelancer, don’t forget your business cards! A few days before the job fair, spend a bit of time updating your CV and portfolio. Take out all the experience that does not relate to your dream job and make room for more useful information for employers. If the exhibitor stand are asking you take applications away or apply online, make sure there is room in your folder to keep their flyers safe.

Do have a game plan
Give yourself some time to study the floor plan when you arrive and make note of the employers you really want to visit. With so many people and perhaps not enough time to go round and speak with everyone, prioritise exhibitors you really want to talk with if you have limited time at the fair. Plan out the whole day so you can maximise time spent at seminars and with exhibitors, don’t just rush round making it rain CVs as you go. Before the 10th of Feb ensure you have a Linkedin account or at least updated it with your skills and experience. Mention that you are on Linkedin as you visit exhibitors as most employers will be using this as a reference point after the fair. It is well worth putting in the extra time to make it stand out. Also take a breather and relax in the bar and have fun with our air hockey tables between sessions, networking is tiring business after all!

If you have any more questions about Leeds Digital Job Fair or how you get can the most out of the day, contact us via Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. Are you registered for Leeds Digital Job Fair? No, well then get a move on! Keep in touch with us at the fair on social media using #LeedsDigitalJobFair. Look forward to seeing you there.