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Best events for students at Leeds International Festival

On the sofa? Surfing the web? Sitting at home wondering what to do to enhance your free time at university? On the 22nd – 30th April the Leeds International Festival is taking over the North for the first time ever.  An explosion of Music, Moving Image and Tech is dispersed throughout Leeds to tease and give a taste of the new sounds, cultures, movements and technologies 2017 presents. So what are the best events for students at Leeds International Festival? Read on to see our top events!

Biohacking, Cyberpunk and Hacker culture talk

On the 22nd April Leeds International festival dives into the digital world with a talk by the prestigious Ted Speaker Keren Elazari who will discuss Biohacking, Cyberpunk and Hacker Culture. She proposes that “Hacking has become a superpower that can positively impact millions worldwide – if we learn how to harness it.’ If you hadn’t ever considered the possibility of hacking to be a positive thing, like me, then come along to listen and learn about even more controversial views from experts around the world during this week.

Leeds Digital Job Fair

As March draws to an end you may find yourself still looking for an internship, the overdrafts reaching its limit, or you may even be postulating a future career in social media and tech as you reach the final year of your degree. Well then, there’s no better way to spend Friday the 28th April then at Herd’s Digital Job Fair. It runs from the 12:00- 16:30pm and is held at First Direct Arena and is a fantastic opportunity to meet 50 of the city’s top employers! There promises to be a fun, festival vibe with talks from companies such as Google and there’s no excuse not to attend as the event is completely free!!

Sustainability in fashion

Still don’t fancy a digital career? Don’t want to swap your retro Reeboks and wavy garms for a 9-5 office job and bad back? You don’t have to; technology and social media can be so much more than that. As shown by the multitude of digital events at the festival, for example on the 25th April Christopher Raeburn will be joined by industry experts at a Q and A and discussion on the Sustainability of fashion. British designer Raeburn is famous for the Reappropriation of military fabrics and iconic outwear created from decommissioned parachutes, he will explain how the advancements in technology have allowed him to make fashion sustainable and stylish.

Interested by any of these events and what to find out what else is on offer then go to http://leedsinternationalfestival.com !!!