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Could switching jobs make you happier?

Research shows that the industry you work in can have a massive impact on your happiness levels so should you make the move and consider switching jobs?
How happy we are at work can have a massive impact on our general health and wellbeing but too many people get stuck in a rut and stay there.

The 2018 Happiness Survey found there was a considerable difference between workers depending on the industry they worked in, their age, and their gender.

Men were typically more content than women, though only slightly (6.85 vs 6.78) and those over the age of 55 were the happiest age demographic. But what exactly does being happy at work mean?

Well, the truth is it means different things to different people, as the survey highlights. The data found that respondents had a variety of priorities when it came to securing a role that made them feel happy.

For more than a third (38 percent) it was their paycheck that had the biggest impact, while a similar number (37 percent) cited coworker relationships as the most important factor. Type of work, flexible working and management were also highlighted by the survey respondents.

So it’s clear that satisfaction at work doesn’t look the same for all of us, but it’s also apparent that changing your job could have a massive impact on your overall happiness.

For many of us that may mean dragging ourselves out of the professional rut, we’ve found ourselves in and looking for a new job, while others may want to put their time and effort into upskilling themselves.

You may find that moving to a completely different type of company but staying in the same field gives you the exact fresh start you’ve been looking for. The survey, for example, found that those working for micro-businesses with less than four employees were the happiest of all respondents.

However, it may be that this just isn’t enough. It’s never too late to enter a completely new industry, especially if you’re looking at tech jobs. You may not think your current skills are transferable to tech but you’d be surprised. There’s a wide variety of jobs on offer in a field that is evolving and growing at an incredible pace, ensuring you don’t get stuck in that rut again!

Most of us spend more time at work than we do with our families so it’s incredibly important that you are passionate about what you’re doing and are as happy as possible in your role. Changing your job to one that makes you feel satisfied and valued can have a massive impact on your overall morale too, allowing you to actually enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

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