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Businesses you NEED to see at Leeds Digital Job Fair

We always have amazing tech companies exhibiting at Leeds Digital Job Fair. This year is no exception. For LDSJobFair 4.0 we have a TON of new exhibitors that we can welcome to the Herd family.

With your attention being pulled in all directions on the day, we wanted to give you a quick introduction to all businesses who are first-time exhibitors.

cap hpi

We are VERY excited to have the cap hip team exhibiting at the North’s biggest and best job fair. Cap hip, are industry leaders in automotive data management. Their software solutions help car dealerships, vehicle manufacturers and even law enforcement agencies to get up to the minute information on vehicles’ history and trade. With offices around the globe, cap hpi have been in business for 75 years and now have fully embraced digital as part of the business.

DWP Digital

You may have heard of The Department of Work and Pensions but what do they actually DO? The DWP is a massive government department that covers a huge range of things including tax, national insurance, pensions and benefits. At some point in your working life, you will end up needing to talk to someone at the DWP about paying your taxes or updating them about your work status. The Department for Work and Pensions are going digital and need a whole range of talent to help get the country online when paying taxes or receiving benefit assistance.


You may recognise EE as the UK’s biggest mobile network provider pioneering superfast 4G for mobile. Their 4G covers 75% of the UK’s geography and 99% of the population, so as you can imagine, a whole lot of people are needed to maintain it all. EE is the 3rd biggest employer in the UK have been commended for their commitment to diversity in the workplace and helping mums to return to work.


When you think of the Royal Air Force, usually you will think of pilots and mechanical engineers. At Leeds Digital Job Fair, you will see a whole different side to the RAF; it’s all about cybersecurity and intelligence. The RAF are looking for staff who can provide technical support across IT, telecommunications and analysing data. They offer apprenticeships and training but in need of highly experienced staff to join their cyber units. Make time to have a chat with their team on the day!


Ever had to swipe your student card when attending a lecture? Perhaps you have to input your name on a touchscreen when you have visited a school? In that case, you should be familiar with the kinds of technology that InVentry deal with. InVentry is a brilliant Leeds based company that provide visitor management systems to schools, assisting with safeguarding pupils across the UK. They are growing fast and are in need of talent to keep up with the demand. Swing by their stand to find out if you have the tech skills to help them grow!

Of course, this is isn’t an extensive list of all the newcomers to Leeds Digital Job Fair but make sure you read part two of new exhibitors at Leeds Digital Job Fair 4.0!

Leeds Digital Job Fair is free to attend so make sure you sign up now and grab your free ticket to the biggest tech recruitment event in the North!

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