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7 Things You Should Take to a Job Fair

Job fairs can be a fantastic chance to get your foot in the door with employers but are you prepared?
Making the right impression at a jobs fair is crucial. You only have a certain amount of time and there are plenty of candidates you’ll be competing against. This means it’s important that you are prepared for your job fair and can make the most of your time at the event.

With Leeds Digital Job Fair 4.0 coming up on the 28th of February, you might want to take note. Here are seven things you should take with you to every job fair:

An open mind

You may have a firm idea of what jobs you are looking for and what type of employer you want to work for, but keep an open mind. With a room full of companies from all different industries, you might be surprised by what really excites you.

A notebook and pen

You’ll have a lot of conversations so you need something to make short notes with. Whether it’s contact details or a key point that you talked about that will help you reconnect with the employer later, it’s important that you can recall information when you get home.

Google Maps

It’s easy to assume you know where you’re going but it’s also really easy to get lost. The last thing you want is to be turning up too late or sweaty because you’ve been running around trying to find the right place. Make sure your phone is set up with directions in Google Maps so you can get back on track.

A plan of action

Although it’s important to keep an open mind, it’s also good to have a plan. Do your research before you go and identify the key employers you want to see. Of course, you need to be flexible with your plan but it gives you a basic idea of where to start and stops you getting overwhelmed.

Business cards

You may think you need to have a job before you can start printing off business cards but they can be a handy resource when looking for a new role. Put your social media details and contact information on and it makes it simple and quick for you to make contact with employers at the jobs fair.

A sense of humour

Finding a new job is a serious job but you need to take a good sense of humour with you. Making connections is a major part of networking at any jobs fair so be prepared to have conversations that won’t lead to anything and enjoy yourself too.

Comfy shoes

You will do a lot of walking so make sure you wear comfy shoes. Of course, it’s important to dress well but you need to balance this with enough comfort to allow you to go all day and get the most from your jobs fair.

Now you have your checklist, make sure that you are signed up for Leeds Digital Job Fair. Tickets are flying off the shelf so grab yours while you can! Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more tips and hints to secure your dream job!