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Why you should think about moving North!

The North of England has so much to offer that it’s worth considering moving North, especially if you’re looking for a change of career. Here’s why you should head up north.

It’s time for a change. If you’ve spent your professional life toiling away in London or another of the south’s big cities, then you should think about moving up north. It might seem like a big change, but it will almost certainly be worth it.

We know this is a bit of a bold claim, but don’t worry; we can back it up! There are plenty of reasons why moving to the north is a great idea for your life, career and long-term goals. We’ve summed up a few of them here so you can see what the north of the country has to offer.

Affordable housing

Yes, we know, house prices aren’t the most interesting of topics. But when it comes to living up north, they’re one of the most attractive factors. If you live in London, chances are you’ve given up on the idea of ever owning a home, unless you’re shooting up the corporate ladder. The average house price in the capital is £742,454, and for that, you’re unlikely to get more than a two-bedroom flat.

Up north, it’s a completely different story. In Leeds the average house costs less than a third of the price in London, coming in at £196,813. And rather than a cramped flat, you are likely to get three bedrooms for that price, usually in a terraced or semi-detached house.

Manchester is even cheaper, with the average house price coming in at £191,232. Things get a bit more expensive in York, where homes go for an average of £263,174, but it’s still a far cry from London. Other southern cities don’t fare much better, with the average house costing £305,852 in Bristol, £507,883 in Oxford and £511,852 in Cambridge. This alone should be enough to make you consider moving North.


While happiness can be hard to define, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has been surveying the UK public to see how satisfied they feel with life for some years now. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the happiest place in Britain is up north; in Yorkshire, to be precise.

The ONS surveyed people with questions about their happiness, with each answer falling on a scale of zero to ten. The district of Craven in the Yorkshire Dales scored the highest out of all the regions in the UK, with an average score of 8.45.

Another Yorkshire district also made the top five: Richmondshire, in the northern part of the Yorkshire Dales. It scored similarly high, with residents rating their happiness an average of 8.23 out of ten. Clearly, there’s something about Yorkshire that makes people happier than average!

Job opportunities

Of course, there’s no point in a move North if you don’t have the right job waiting for you. Luckily, there’s plenty on offer in this area of the UK, as it contains some of the best cities around when it comes to career opportunities and job satisfaction. This comes from job website Glassdoor, which published a list of the 25 best cities to work in.

According to the site, Manchester is the second-best city for jobs, behind Slough. Employees rated their job satisfaction as an average of 3.5 out of five – the highest score achieved by any city in the survey – and there were over 40,000 job openings at the time of the list’s publication.

Another important factor is the average salary, which is £23,998 for Manchester. You’ll make more in Slough, which has an average base salary of £35,000, but it won’t go as far; that salary is less than nine percent of the median house price. In Manchester, wages are around 13.5 percent of the median house price, so it’ll take much less time to save up that deposit.

Other high-performing cities included Stoke-on-Trent in fifth place and Leeds in seventh. The cities scored well in terms of job satisfaction – workers rated their happiness as 3.3 out of five for both – and a job in Stoke will earn you an average salary of more than 14 percent of the median house price. Moving North could land you a higher wage than in London these days.

Creativity and culture

It’s a well-known fact that the north used to be a hub of mining until that industry went into decline. While the region took a while to recover, it has risen from the ashes thanks to a completely different sector: creativity. From digital marketing to tech to media, the north is the place to be in the UK if you want to be part of this exciting industry.

From Manchester – home of the BBC, as well as a vibrant music scene – to Leeds’ tech hub, to Liverpool and its over 7,000 creative and digital firms, there’s plenty to get involved with up north.

And if it’s culture you’re looking for, that is another area exploding throughout the north. Newcastle and Gateshead have been ranked number one by the Royal Mail for this, with more than ten theatres and almost 69 libraries per million people. Add that to the incredible film, music and theatre scenes expanding throughout the north and you’ve got an amazing place to live.

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