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IT Jobs that don’t require a degree

Getting a degree isn’t everything, in fact, plenty of employers are looking for candidates they can train themselves rather than those with higher education. Good IT jobs don’t always mean having to go to university.

It’s a common misconception that you need a degree to get a job in IT and many other industries. From small start-ups to massive multinationals, employers are increasingly looking for candidates that fit into their workplace culture and that are willing to learn the way it wants to do things.

This means that having a degree isn’t a deal breaker for many IT companies, and there is a wide range of jobs in the sector that don’t need this level of qualification.

Junior Data Analyst

IT jobs that are entwined with data are popping up everywhere, as the importance of Big Data and how companies collect, store and delete it grows. It may not sound like the most interesting field, but if you are good at understanding spreadsheets and crunching numbers, it can be a quick way of getting into IT and on a career path to lucrative positions.

This IT job allows you to develop more skills, which employers will look on favourably too, giving you more flexibility in the future.

Project Manager

With a lot of transferable skills, IT project managers don’t need a degree and often have very varied backgrounds. This means employers are more likely to favour a candidate that has good people skills, can work confidently and use their initiative, than those who have been to university.

Often companies will have their own way of operating, which they will want employees to replicate instead of what they have learnt at university or with previous employers. This means people that are making a career jump or right at the start of their working life can be in high demand for these positions. Project Management roles can be highly lucrative positions, allowing candidates to progress and earn a very competitive salary without having to get a degree.

Junior cyber security analyst

With cyber security being such a hot topic, people with a degree in this field often go for the most senior positions. This has left a lot of companies with a shortfall in candidates to do entry-level roles. Whether you’re a bedroom programmer or just have a real interest in cyber security, a passion for this area of IT could prove to be more valuable to potential employers than a degree.

A strength of not having a strict qualification in this area means that the organisation can train you up with the best practice it has developed as a priority, rather than trying to get rid of bad habits you may have picked up.

Of course there are plenty of IT jobs that insist they will want a degree for this role but if you are able to show that you have exceptional drive and experience, you will still be in the running. There are many other options such as entry level IT jobs or an apprenticeship to get you off the starting mark.

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