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5 Ways to Learn How to Code

Learning to code can be a real challenge, but it is one that can provide you with a lot of tangible career benefits. The tech industry is constantly growing and changing, and is therefore in need of talented programmers who can rise to the new challenges the future holds.

Even jobs not directly associated with coding will still benefit from a good level of understanding in this subject. Being able to change aspects of a website, for example, is a useful skill in a variety of jobs.

What’s more, there are plenty of ways you can learn how to code. If you feel like you don’t get on with traditional teaching methods, don’t worry! There are loads of other options available to you. Here are five of the best around at the moment.
Based out of Manchester, Northcoders is an organisation dedicated to getting more people in the North into software engineering. The way they do this is through a series of bootcamps designed to kickstart your tech career, no matter how familiar you are with coding.

You could take their Ignite course, for example, which runs on two evenings a week and is designed as an introduction for complete coding beginners. If you’re familiar with some of the basics and ready to jump straight into a coding career, you could instead opt for the 12-week Accelerate bootcamp to gain all the skills you need to be an entry-level software developer, or take the 24-week Accelerate Flex course for the same experience but part-time.

Northcoders aims to fully support you throughout your journey into coding, giving you access to a dedicated welfare officer throughout the course and helping you through every step of the way with the unique Northern spirit we all know and love.

Leeds Code Dojo
For a more relaxed experience that doesn’t require weeks of your time, you could give Leeds Code Dojo a try. This group holds practical coding sessions on a range of different programming languages, where you can learn by doing and get a helping hand from experienced computing masters.

Anybody is welcome to the group’s sessions, although some of the meetups require a basic knowledge of coding to get the most out of them. But if you have beginner-level programming under your belt, then this is a great way to expand your skillset.

If you learn better on your own, you could try out Codecademy. This learning platform features a range of short courses – some requiring as little as three hours – that you can take on your own time to teach yourself a range of different coding skills. Perhaps the best part is that the basic package is completely free.

If you want to invest more time in learning how to code, you can pay for the Pro version or even take intensive courses for a one-time fee. The platform gives you freedom to learn whatever you want in whatever manner you want, from the comfort of your own home.

Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science
If you want to make sure you’re learning from a reliable source, you can’t get much better than Harvard. The prestigious US university’s own Introduction to Computer Science course is available free of charge on YouTube and iTunes for you to watch and learn along with.

This is a more traditional, academic way of learning, of course. You will be given access to roughly 21 hours of lectures to watch in your own time, which will provide you with a great grounding in computer science and programming. While it might not be for more practical learners, it will suit some people perfectly.

Finally, if you think learning to code should be as fun as possible, you might benefit from CodeCombat. It’s designed for young students, but anybody can benefit from this learning experience disguised as a game.

By playing through an online game, you will be introduced to a range of skills and concepts essential to mastering coding. Many people will find this method perfect for them, as it puts everything in a context they might be able to understand better than the abstract language of coding. It might seem childish, but it’s fun and it works!

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