Leeds Digital Job fair

4 things to do after Leeds Digital Job Fair

You need to be able to take the right steps after the event to make sure you have the best chance of it leading into an actual job offer down the line.

Here are four simple things you should be doing after Leeds Digital Job Fair:

– Update your CV

One of the best things about going to career fairs is that you get a fantastic platform from which to meet and talk with potential employers. If you ask the right questions and listen to what they say, you should have a much better understanding of what they are looking for in potential candidates.

You should update your CV as soon as possible after a job fair to reflect this. Highlight the areas where you excel and make it clear how your own abilities align with the needs of the company. When you have this, you can go to Herd or the exhibitor’s website and send them your application.

– Email any exhibitors

It’s likely that you’ll come home with a pocket full of business cards, but don’t let these sit around. Reach out to the exhibitors you have spoken with. This is where it comes in really useful if you make small notes on each business card so you can remember a key fact about the person you spoke with. Maybe they’re a big fan of the same football team or are looking for people with your specialist skills, either way, this gives you a great talking point when you follow up.

Email the exhibitors thanking them for their time at the event, and summarise your skills and what kind of jobs you are hoping to secure. This should leave a relaxed opening for them to contact you if any roles come up.

– Update your social profiles

Social is a great platform for you to connect with exhibitors and you need to make sure that your profiles are up to scratch. It can also be beneficial to do some of your own online research and see how other candidates describe themselves. Look on LinkedIn and see the key skills highlighted by businesses in your field. This will help you use the right terminology in your profile and ensure that potential employers can find you.

– Follow Herd
Applying for and finding for jobs can be a disheartening and difficult process, which is often made more difficult by recruitment sites. At Herd, we do things differently. We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible and our platform gives you the opportunity to see exactly what jobs are going at what companies.

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