Leeds tech companies

3 of the most exciting Leeds tech companies to work for

Tech is one of the fastest changing industries in the world, making it an exciting one to work in and these Leeds tech companies is a fantastic place to start looking for a job.

Whether you’ve been coding since before you can remember or you’ve accidentally fallen into it, the tech industry is a fantastic one to be a part and it’s not hard to see why. With an industry that is constantly evolving, companies have to adapt and innovate just as quickly. This makes it an exciting sector to be a part of. With Leeds having some of the biggest employers, it’s a great place to start your job search, especially if you want to work in tech.

But what Leeds tech companies should you keep an eye out for? Which is going to help you progress?

Sky Betting and Gaming
Possibly the biggest techy name in Leeds and Sky Betting and Gaming have definitely made an impact. Growing from a small grassroots team to surpassing its own 400-people recruitment targets and now eyeing further expansion, the tech giant has accomplished quite a lot in its time in Yorkshire.

As a large employer, Sky offers a variety of different ways to get into the industry, encouraging people from different backgrounds to get involved and apply for a job. Skey Betting and Gaming is one of the largest Leeds tech companies around and are spreading themselves into Sheffield as well. From graduate schemes to apprenticeships and its ‘Get into Tech’ programme, the company is helping to change the sector’s image and bring in the best talent.

Cocoon is changing the face of home security, offering candidates the chance to be right at the forefront of technology. Using innovative Subsound® technology, the system allows users to have much more control of the safety of their home in an instant. Add to this that Cocoon actually learns behaviour and will adapt to your habits, and you’ll see why they are such an exciting company to work for.

From software development to marketing and product testing, Cocoon may be a small team but they bring together a variety of specialisms, allowing people to showcase their skills and make a difference.


Software testing consultancy may not sound like the most interesting field to get into, but the people over at Ten10 are changing perceptions. This award-winning team are making waves by bringing together some of the best talents in the industry and have worked with the likes of McDonalds, BMW and TalkTalk.

Ten10 champion the idea of getting the best out of every team member, which is the perfect environment if you’re looking to develop your skills and make your mark. With a graduate scheme and flexible working contracts, they attract candidates with vastly different experience and skill levels.

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